Why Social Dancing?

Social dancing benefits individual dancers both physically, mentally, interpersonally and socially, and it benefits the community as well.

Physical Benefits

Dancing is a great body conditioner. It increases your stamina, strengthens your circulatory system, strengthen your legs, and improves your overall body tone. Dancing makes walking and body movement easier, more balanced, and more fluid, with greater flexibility and poise.

Dancing burns 150 to 300 calories per hour, depending on the dance. Dancing helps reduce weight and the common risk factors associated with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Frequent social dancing will build and maintain your physical stamina to an athletic level.

Mental Benefits

Mentally, dancing is an effective and fun stress reliever.

Becoming a competent dancer provides an excellent learning experience in planning, goal setting, discipline, achievement, self-confidence, assuredness, and pride in your abilities. These favorable attributes will transfer to other aspects of you life as well.

The Einstein Aging Study, summarized in 6/19/2003 New England Journal of Medicine, found social dancing helps prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Interpersonal Benefits

Learning to dance is learning to communicate and connect with another human being through physical contact. You will learn to become aware of and sensitive to both yourself and your partner. These skills are applicable to all the relationships in your life.

Social dancing is a great "date night", whether you are in a relationship or not. Dancing with a partner in harmony with good music will help you develop an open, understanding, responsive, and supportive relationship with your partner and with others.

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Social Benefits

Social dancing develops your social skills. In a day and age when people are isolated from one another by technologies, social dancing brings people together into physical contact in a structured social environment. Dancers learn dance etiquette (manners), which is applicable to all social situations. Dancing is a "social grace" which gives dancers a comfort level and advantage in any and all social situations.

As a social dancer you will make many new friends and will find that social dancers are warm and welcoming people.

Social dancing will add a new and very beneficial dimension to your life. It is a lifetime social skill that will provide much joy during your entire life.

Dancing is also a great way to network and instantly connect to a community wherever you may go.  Moving to a new place can be intimidating socially; dancers are some of the most welcoming and respectful people you'll meet, making big transitions a little easier.

Community Benefits

Our communities have become fragmented, where neighbors no longer know neighbors. Social dancing brings people together in a fun, cooperative endeavor. People in a social dance community get to know each other well, and build relationships based on communication, cooperation and common interests.

Also, in a day and age where common courtesy and civility are not always respected, courtesy and civility are the rule in social dance communities.

Other Benefits

The many benefits of social dancing include an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms, an increased sense of balance, and a more fluid movement in walking and running.

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