Dance Plattsburgh produces "Social Dances". Social dancing is partner dancing, intended for participation, rather than competition or exhibition. The objective of Social Dancing is to form and strengthen social connections and interpersonal relationships through music, exercise and fun.

Social dancing is a social function, and as such, requires social grace as well as physical grace. Social graces, dance etiquette and common courtesy are more important than a social dancer’s talent and physical technique. Considerate, thoughtful dance partners have the most dance opportunities and the most fun, regardless of their technical competence.

To this end, the following guidelines for Dance Etiquette are provided.

Ballroom Dancing, in it's most basic form, is any partnered dance where one partner is designated the lead and the other is designated the follow. Dance Plattsburgh's "Dance Repertoire" includes:

Ballroom Latin Swing Social
- Waltz
- Fox Trot
- Tango
- Quick Step
- Viennese Waltz
- Cha Cha
- Rumba
- Salsa
- West Coast Swing
- East Coast Swing
Night Club Two Step

Each dance has a list of recognized steps associated with it. This list of steps is known as the "Syllabus". The syllabus for each dance is broken into three parts - the bronze steps, the silver steps and the gold steps. The steps in each level are grouped together by level of difficulty. The bronze steps are fairly basic and provide a good grounding and understanding of the nature of each individual dance. In general, dancers learn the bronze, then the silver then the gold steps.

For more information, see the USA Dance web site at

Specific pages of interest on the USA Dance web site include:

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Basic Dance Vocabulary
The World of Social Dancing
How to Get Started as a Social Dancer

Swing Latin Ballroom Dancing in Plattsburgh NY
Join the Fun in Plattsbrugh NY


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Dance Plattsburgh is USA Dance Inc., Dance Plattsburgh NY Chapter #3068. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing dance education and opportunities in local communities by organizing affordable social dances, dance lessons and workshops.

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